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22k Gold Crowns

Baton Rouge, La. and Lafayette,La. 
Permanent gold teeth

Welcome to America's #1 manufacturer of permanent gold dental crowns!!

Blalock's Dental Lab and Sharkey's Dental Lab have combined efforts to bring you a premiere line of gold teeth.  With 25 years experience, we can provide a wide variety of gold, white gold and diamond settings along with same day service for most customers.
These are not grills.  These are hand made, gold shell crowns that are bonded to your teeth by a professional dentist.  All crowns are made in house by us, to fit only your teeth.  Each crown is hand crafted to fit by our experienced staff. 

We are contracted with licensed dentists to make sure your crowns are put in by professionals.  Unlike grills that are made by jewelers, our crowns are made of 22K gold(dental gold), and made to fit your teeth and only your teeth.  You wouldn't go to a dentist for your jewelry, so why go to a jeweler for your teeth?

We have provided gold crowns to the public for many years, and have seen cases where our crowns have lasted 20 years!  That's longer than the average porcelain crown.  We can also straighten some teeth out and make bridges for missing teeth.  Each case is individual and it is important for you to come in so the dentist and lab tech can come up with a plan of care for you.  We take care of each individual to make sure that you get exactly what you want.  This is what makes us the best!!!

The Process
The following will be your schedule when you come in.  To assure same day service please arrive before noon.
Go to the dentist's office on Government St. to get impression and pay for crowns.  The dentist's office will give you a time to come back.  The dentist will send impression to our lab, where we will make your crowns.  When you arrive back, you will be given an injection for anesthesia.  The dentist will then shave the side of your teeth to slip crown on.  He will then cement the crowns on, so they are bonded to you teeth.  Once again, these crowns cannot be removed.
Please email blalock_e@yahoo.com for more info
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